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bradford, united kingdom

"Harlow" Polymer Clay Earrings with Tassel

£15 £20


These handmade unique and one-of-a-kind earrings will make a fashionable statement for any fashion conscious lady!

The "Harlow" uses a circle of faux marbled polymer clay in blue, pink, grey and beige colours with gold leaf to create a unique style. Due to this each piece being individual, each style has been matched as best as possible to make a pair. To complete this look a multi-coloured handmade tassel has been added in blue, pink, grey and beige colours to match the range.

Polymer clay earrings are super light to wear.

These earrings have been created by using gold plated earring studs and jump rings.

- All handmade

- Made from Polymer clay and gold leaf

- Multi-coloured tassel made from 100% cotton 

- Gold plated earring studs and findings


Length of Tassel: 6 cm
Total Length of Earring: 8 cm

Please message any questions!

The earring comes on a card.

  • Based in Yorkshire, Created By Lau offer handmade, unique one-of-a-kind jewellery and accessories using Fibre Textiles, Resin, Polymer Clay and Jesmonite.

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