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Musky Silk Body Butter

Shea Body Butter with White MuskA special edition of our popular Shea Body Butter for white musk lovers! A rich moisturizer with a generous amount of raw, unrefined, grade A African shea butter, mixed with a number of all natural oils and beewax. The basic natural oils used are coconut oil, and olive oil, carefully blended with solid white musk from Abdul Samad Al-Qurashi Arabic perfumery. The result is a perfect solution for dry skin, scented enough to refresh without being too overwhelming. It provides your skin with a long lasting softness and moisture that you can feel even after washing your skin. 100 ml.
How to use: Use indoors only, preferably at night after washing your skin with Shea Butter Soap. Apply a small amount on any desired area of your skin.
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