poetic christmas tree balls

Dare to offer words of love to your loved ones and those who matter to you. You will thus touch their hearts with authenticity and intensity in a period of end-of-year celebrations conducive to reunions, reconciliations, declarations and the nurturing of a sentimental flame. Create your own, staging, thanks to its door hangers which can be positioned : like modern Christmas baubles with Messages on your Christmas tree or on the plate of your guests at your table festivities, or directly on the handle of a door for a guaranteed surprise effect. * These door hangers printed by a prestigious Parisian publisher, in black and gold colors, with high-end stationery materials, are sealed for more mystery and discretion, as for the message you have chosen. They are delivered translated into French and English.Thanks to his odes, an ancient lyric poem, you will be able to seduce, reconcile, and amaze your children as well as your husband or wife. * You can choose from the following odes: Ode to Myself (N°1), Ode to Ode to Timid love (N°2), Ode to Secret love (N°3), Ode to Enchantment (N°4), Ode to The art of wooing (No. 5), Ode to Lovesickness (No. 6), Ode to Tenderness (No. 7), Ode to Dependency (No. 8), Ode to Jealousy (No. 9), Ode to Reconciliation ( No. 10), Ode to Destiny (No. 11), Ode to Sacred Union (No. 12), Ode to The merging of bodies (No. 13) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE ODE N°1 : Ode to Myself Proud as a narcissus, Rare as a solstice Never have I seen A more beautiful artifice. I am without equal. Not the slightest rival. So many qualities, in a single being Combined! May the gods forgive me such vanity! But I could never tire of me. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE ODE N°2 : Ode to Timid Love May the gods have mercy, When the intensity of my timidity Is pitted in vain Against your immensity! In your presence, I am consumed in silence, And I say nothing of my trance. I live entrenched behind my armour, Concealing an old soul. But would a conquest without shyness, not be a victory without glory ? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE ODE N°3 : Ode to secret Love A wild and unvoiced desire, A sword heavy with hopes, A heart quivering with pride, A muted hurricane of happiness. These secret torments, Will long haunt me, If I continue to keep them to myself So lovingly! Like a fire ravaging my soul, My heart, in secret, swoons for you. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE ODE N°4 : Ode to Enchantment Oh, precious temptation! Harmonious illusion, May my secret incantations, Make you my guilty pleasure. Brushing against you With premeditation, Catching a glimpse of you, Without your permission Gives me hope each day, That one day you will be mine. One day, you will be my passion. Believe my prayers! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE ODE N°5 : Ode to the Art of Wooing Hell! Damnation!I I love you beyond reason. Disarmed by your charms, And vain are my incantations. You are the promise of euphoria, And my hope in the darkness. I desire you as much as you inspire me And it makes me sigh. Wooing you is a delight, Resisting you, an agony. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE ODE N°6 : Ode to Lovesickness Lovesickness! You bring fever to my soul, And I am damned. I cannot be healed, My fate is sealed. Unprecedented symptoms, Bizarre convulsions, Sizzling pangs of heartache! Reason deserts me. Never has my body felt so powerfully The symptoms of enchantment! I swear to you. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE ODE N°7 : Ode to Tenderness Tenderness is Like a promise Of euphoric sweetness. Never forget to offer With skill Such gentleness. Fear not, for Smooth, like a bandage, Unctuous, like an ointment. As velvety as oriental silk, Tenderness is not a weakness. Without care, love withers! And tenderness alone Can caress a soul. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE ODE N°8 : Ode to Dependency How could it ever occur to you That one day, I could Grow tired of you? That one day, the sight of you could be a burden? That one night, I could dare deprive myself of your body? That for one instant, I could cease to idolize you? Without reserve, I want to confide in you, You will be my one and only sin: Now, and for eternity. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE ODE N°9 : Ode to Jealousy Beware, admirers! Adulators and adorers,Who dare make charming eyes At a creature who has already given me her heart.Stop coveting so shamelessly,Like vile swine,Ground already conquered Through the boldest of advances.Oh, Jealousy! Vile treachery! You will destroy my life.Give me some respite! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE ODE N°10 : Ode to Reconciliation Without your shadow in my footsteps,I founder.Come back to me! My poor heartIs pained By our disputes.If you are the sweetest of poisons,Know that I am the only antidote. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE ODE N°11 : Ode to Destiny May the moment you were born Be as blessed as our love! Your free spirit dazzles me,Your arrogant beauty stuns me,Your insolent elegance delights me. O, my sole salvation,My unexpected miracle, With your corrupt charms! Be my destiny,And I will be your fate. Away from you, I am nothing, With you, I am myself! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE ODE N°12 : Ode to Sacred Union Here, at your feet, I offer up my heart. Do as you see fit with it! May the gods bear witness as I kneel,Begging for your hand! May the heavens bless us,Under a clement sky.May they unite us forever.Against the strong winds.Will you dare decline such a marriage?Will you dare deny that we are, already,Bound together forever?
Audience: Unisex
Beauty & Other Accessories: Christmas Décor
Colour: Gold
Condition: New
Home Decor Type: Other Home Décor
Interest: Crafts
Location of Origin: France
Material type: Other
Occasion: Christmas
Special - Christmas: Christmas Tree Ornaments
Style: Modern

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