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Perfect Matcha

Shea Butter Soap with Matcha TeaThis amazing special blend is one of our favorites. Contains Japanese matcha tea powder, in addition to shea butter and natural oils. Matcha tea is a Japanese green tea grown in a specific way to enhance its properties. It's covered or grown in shade for several weeks before harvest which makes it rich in chlorophyll and gives it that vivid green color. It has much higher amounts of antioxidants in comparison to the common green tea, making it wonderful for your skin. It's also known to brighten skin and improve its tone and texture. Enjoy the wonderful benefits while gently cleansing your skin. Color patterns are carefully made for a look as wonderful as its benefits!
How to use: Use daily, preferably with warm water for a soft creamy lather. Rinse off and enjoy the freshness.
Note: This is a handmade product. Shapes and patterns may slightly vary.


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