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Silver Lotus Flowers Spacer for Charms Bracelet

£45 £50
Silver beads for charms bracelet such as Trollbeads bracelet, bangle.Not fit Pandora chain/bangle.The meaning of the lotus flower differs from culture to culture, but it’s often seen as a symbol of rebirth, love, compassion, beauty, perseverance, spirituality, and overcoming obstacles and blossoming. Sounds a lot like Aries.Handmade by Valkyrie Gems Beads team with sterling silver.
Audience: Women
Colour: Silver
Condition: New
Interest: Crafts
Jewellery Type: Bangle & Bracelet
Location of Origin: Rest of Asia
Material type: Metal
Occasion: Everyday
Style: Classic
Weight (g): 200
  • At Valkyrie Gems Beads we use high-quality gemstones to create beads for bracelets and pendants, combined with sterling silver.

     All products are handcrafted and meticulously executed to produce the best-finished product.

    The stones carry different positive energies depending on their properties of the stone. You can visit our website to check which stone is suitable for your zodiac sign.
    Especially all Valkyrie products are detachable, mix-match to change every day.

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