Daffodil Bijoux

gemona del friuli, italy

Tudor Necklace

Necklace with a natural wood element in the shape of a Tudor rose, hand painted. Hypoallergenic stainless steel chain (doesn't turn black), with single-position lobster clasp closure. Embellished with red and green glass crystals, a filigree bead, a white cat's eye pearl and a thin row of crystal-coloured rhinestones. Lightweight to wear! Total length 60 cm (Matinée model) + 3 cm pendant. Eco-sustainable because it is totally recyclable, it is paint-free on the back, for natural contact with your skin. Laser cut with brand new technologies, but drawn on paper with passion in our studio lab. The Tudor Rose: England's national flower. The term indicates the heraldic rose of the Tudors. The rose is red, with a white heart, gold-studded and dotted with green. The rose recalls the fusion of the Lancaster and York roses, the symbol of the two rival families in the War of the Roses (1455–1485), an atrocious fratricidal clash that left the Yorkies decimated and the Lancastrians extinct, then resolved definitively with Henry's marriage VII and Elizabeth of York and their kingdom. The Tudor dynasty was an old English royal house of Welsh descent. The Tudors, through five sovereigns, ruled the Kingdom of England, Wales and Ireland from 1485 to 1603. The Tudors succeeded the Plantagenets as rulers of the Kingdom of England and the first king of this lineage was Henry VII, the descendant of his mother from a legitimate branch of the English royal house of Lancaster. His son Henry VIII and his niece Elizabeth I were the main rulers and exponents of the dynasty and played a very important role in the transformation of England into a great world power. After the death without male heirs of the fifteen-year-old Edward VI and the subsequent reign of his two sisters, Mary I and Elizabeth I, who also died without heirs, the Tudor dynasty finally died out in 1603, leaving the English throne to the Royal House of Stuart, former rulers of Scotland. IMPORTANT: The necklaces are packaged with a card with a special message (chosen at random) with a short poetic phrase. If you want to choose your message please contact us after purchase to get the list of phrases you can choose from. Original Daffodil Bijoux design, from the Light Wood limited edition collection.
Audience: Unisex
Colour: Multi-Coloured
Condition: New
Dimensions (cm): 63 cm
Interest: Traveller
Jewellery Type: Necklaces
Jewellery Type - Necklace: Pendant Necklace
Location of Origin: Italy
Material type: Wood
Occasion: Christmas
Style: Classic
  • Limited Edition Anglophile Jewels made of sustainable, laser-cut, hand painted wood.

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