Ralph’s Orchard

london, united kingdom

Vintage gravy bowl candles with lid and Jasmine, Rose, Eucalyptus fragrance.


Scented with our "Live" fragrance, these antique gravy boats comes with a wonderful floral fragrance. With soft top notes of Baies rose and bergamot, fresh middle notes of eucalyptus, galbanum, jasmine, rose, geranium, finishing on smooth sandalwood, musk and moss.

Approximate burn time of 50 hours.

Gravy Boat with Lid: 23cm length x 13 cm height (with lid on) x 14cm depth.

Gravy Pouring Jug: 22cm length x 8cm height (with lid on) x 8cm depth.

Only cruelty free, eco friendly and sustainable ingredients used.

Never leave a lit candle unattended, and keep away from children and pets.

Please refer to our tips for safely burning candles and wax melts in your home: https://www.ralphsorchard.com/pages/candle-burning-safety-tips

  • Ethical scented up-cycled glassware candles made from pure, healthier and more sustainable rapeseed and soy wax and cruelty-free, eco-friendly ingredients. Perfect gifts for eco-conscious folks from Ralph's Orchard.

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