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Wax Melt Gift Set with Burner


Small ceramic melt/oil burner with cream base and green top. Comes with one handmade soy tealight and a little rapeseed or soy wax melt made from cruelty-free and eco-friendly ingredients. Great to pair with our botanical natural wax tablets, and can also be used with fragrance oils. Great gifts for Valentine's day, Mother's day, or for a housewarming! 

Use the burner to melt your wax melts. Just place a tealight in the bottom and a wax melt (break off as much as you would like to use), and the tealight will warm the bowl above, melting the wax which will emit beautiful fragrance in your room. Once your wax melt stops emitting scent, just pop the wax out and start afresh.

Get the full experience when you pair it with our Wax Melt Bars.

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Audience: Unisex
Colour: White
Condition: New
Interest: Pamper & Comfort
Location of Origin: United Kingdom
Material type: Other
Occasion: Everyday
Style: Classic
  • Ethical scented up-cycled glassware candles made from pure, healthier and more sustainable rapeseed and soy wax and cruelty-free, eco-friendly ingredients. Perfect gifts for eco-conscious folks from Ralph's Orchard.

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