Impertinentes Atelier

-, united kingdom

WIDE BRIMMED HAT ANTIA by Impertinentes Atelier

Wide brimmed hat in sinamy old pink color.jpg, decorate with lacing in silk abaca and duck and rooster feathers of various shades of pink.jpg, red and burgundy
Audience: Women
Colour: Multi-Coloured
Condition: New
Interest: Fashion Lover
Location of Origin: Not Selected
Material type: Fabric
Occasion: Everyday
Style: Modern
  • Impertinent Atelier is an artisan workshop dedicated to the design and manufacture of woman hats, headdresses, fascinators, and all kinds of accessories. At Impertinentes Atelier they make pieces with their own design, original and timeless, made by hand using a 100% artisan processes.

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