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vancouver, canada

You are fat

£9.99 £12.50

Give this card at your own risk, one of our most popular cards "You are fat" showing "You are the love of my life.  Lets get old & fat together." when unfolded. 

Here's what you need to know:

  • Card size: 7" x 5" folded, 7" x 10" unfolded
  • Premium 300 GSM black cardstock (non-laminated)
  • High-quality hot stamped foil (red and white)
  • Order includes: one 120 GSM black cardstock envelope (non-laminated)
  • Design: "You are fat"
  • Number of cards: one
  • Message: blank, write your own (or don't)
  • These fold-out cards add shock-and-awe back to special occasions, gift giving, anniversaries, birthdays, and/or just regular occasions, these high-quality cards are perfect.

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