Do You Know The Hip Outfit Formula of “Lanvin Curb”?

At the FW20 show earlier this year, Lanvin revealed the Lanvin Curb, a shoe that resembles the Osiris D3, which was popular at the end of the last century and is considered Lanvin's homage to 'millennial skate culture'.


The Lanvin Curb is a cool Osiris D3 that combines fashion and street credentials, partly  due creative director, Bruno Sialelli’s childhood."Growing up in Marseille, France, I was obsessed with skateboarding in the 90s and was surrounded by this last century brutalist design, which was my dream world."


FW20 Lanvin curb Osiris D3 


Apparently, Armie Timmy said, "The Lanvin Curb are the best shoes of the year and I can't thank the creative director enough for making a shoe that 'reminds us of the past'."

How to wear Lanvin Curb?


At the very least, a pair of 'god trousers' is a basic necessity when pairing with Lanvin Curb, so they turn their attention to Bari's Endless Denim.


The Stussy x CdG Varsity Jacket has become one of the most popular items in the Lanvin Curb repertoire, and with the 'Vibe' trend, the oxidised shoe has become a new target for these Vibe players.


A Gallery Dept. or Lanvin was one of the shortcuts to a clean look.


Bari's Endless Denim



Or pairing them with WHO DECIDES WAR cattle and Chrome Hearts leather logo jeans.


Some of the players paired the shoes with a variety of hot, slightly fancy items, which led to the perception that Lanvin Curb wearers were somewhat 'subtle'.


Let’s find out about more recent trends together, so stay tuned!


Irene from The Accessory Circle Team