Get to know the brands that will be present at the London Accessory Week

If you are not yet familiar with the London Accessory Week, it is a must-visit exhibition this year where unique and beautifully crafted accessories will be showcased from all over the world. Shop for jewellery, bags, eyewear, shoes, home décor and much more.

So, let’s meet Lucy and Cloud+Clay, a brand of the most adorable handmade polymer clay jewellery, made in Staffordshire. Being a small business owner is hard but rewarding. You get to design, assemble, pack and post all of your orders. Let's show some support and love for these adorable designs that are going to be showcased at London Accessory Week. 


The brand was founded in 2019, and what started as an in-between job search hobby, became later on a full-time job business. The Cloud+Clay jewellery is made with hypoallergenic nickel and lead-free earring backs, or can be custom made with 925 silverbacks. 


One of the brand's priorities is sustainability and who doesn’t want to support sustainable brands these days?! So let’s see how they have incorporated sustainability into their business. All Cloud+Clay items are made to order, so there is no surplus stock, and the remains of clay are reused in other designs. The package and the tape used are plant-based and compostable, and the parcels are recyclable. Besides that, the products are both affordable and accessible to everyone. Now what could be better than this?!


It is impossible to not fall in love with these charming and fun pieces of jewellery that can make you dream of summer and flowing dresses. Still, you can style them to multiple outfits and bring some joy to your daily life. Take a look at Clover or Mini Studs below. You can wear them with any casual outfit you want. They will look polished but with a cheery colourful twist. 

If you are looking for something more fun, check out Bubble Gum and the Mini Clouds. Elevate a simple outfit or accessorize an over-the-top colourful look with a pair of these earrings. Let your mood lighten up!

For necklace lovers, there are some interesting choices. You can order a customised Initial Necklace for yourself or your loved one, or you can spice your day with the Almond Necklace that adds an edge to your look. 


More to come this summer - more designs, and more designers. Keep an eye on us and discover the talented independent designers and how you can support their astounding work. 



Valentina from London Accessory Week Team