Interview with London Accessory Week exhibitor Anton Alice | London Accessory Week by X Terrace

Anton Alice is a Stockholm-based unisex brand founded in 2019. The timeless, minimalistic, and sleek design is equally suitable for their carrier no matter their identity. Bags are sorted after function, not gender, and can be worn for business or occasions.

How and when did you start your accessory brand? 

I have always had an interest in design and fashion. A few years ago, I took a course in leather sewing. I sewed my first Tote bag during the course and started using it for work. Immediately people started giving appreciative comments about the bag, even people unknown to me. My idea to make fashion bags was born. After lengthy research, I found a family-based leather manufacturer in Italy with very skilled artisans. In 2019, I launched my brand with the cloth bag called Tote Bag No 1. What are your sources of inspiration? I follow fashion brands, interior designers, and architecture accounts on social media. However, I think colors in natural shapes are probably my best inspiration.

Anton Alice designer, Katharina Döberl.


How would you describe your design/product concept?

 I want to refine the Scandinavian and minimalistic concept with an elegant yet powerful expression of clean lines. The timeless, sleek design is equally suitable for their carrier no matter their identity. Bags are sorted after function, not gender. I believe a well-designed bag, made with high-quality craftsmanship and materials, is the best guarantee of a longer and more sustainable life.

Bag No10, Black



Shoulder Bag No10, Black



Who is the target audience for your products? 

Women and men who have the self-confidence to equip themselves with products from smaller brands. What’s your accessory styling advice for your clients? My best advice is to dress in a monochrome look with a bag in a contrasting color. A black suit or coat will look more sophisticated and interesting with a grey bag, rather than a black. 

Which of your designs is your favourite? Can you tell us the story behind it? 

My favorite design is the Tote Bag No1, which was the first bag I ever designed. Without this bag, ANTON ALICE would probably not exist. 

What’s your prediction on trends for accessories? What style or colour would you recommend for 2022 autumn/winter? 

Accessories continue to be essential for styling. We will see colours like brown, burgundy, black, and gray. I think we will see shoulder style, crossbody, or handheld models. 

Tote Bag No1



Broadway Tote - Sienna Brown

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