Interview with London Accessory Week exhibitor KB Hair Extensions | London Accessory Week by X Terrace

Having had experience with hair extensions for over 15 years, now I truly believe that changing your hair can change your life.

How did you start your hair extensions brand?

 In 2014 I started KB Hair Extensions not knowing where it would go or how much it would change people's lives. I have built my business up on a part time basis alongside a full time job and for the past two years around my little one. Looking back, I started to enjoy hair when I started having my own hair extensions done. A few years after having weft hair extensions, I moved onto clip-ins and started to look into sourcing my own. Everyone always asked If I could do their hair on a night out, where I got my hair etc., which inspired me to do more. In 2013 I started working my second job, which ended up being with a celebrity client and when I was photographed in a national magazine I realised you could see my clip-in hair extension. I soon took my first hair extension course and KB Hair Extensions was born.

What has been the proudest moment for you so far? 

I see clients who have no confidence and by simply providing them with a hair extensions service they regain that confidence and happiness too. I have created my own line of clip-in hair extensions and after care products and along side that I create my own marketing. I put my all into my business and only wish I had started it sooner. It would be a honour to win this award and a bigger bonus to make this my second win within the London Hair Awards, you could say it adds to my confidence too! 

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What makes you feel special compared to other competing brands? 

The hair extension industry is HUGE. When I started there wasn't a lot of competition around, however now hair extensions are used in so many ways and on so many people. I try to be different by having my own products, brand etc and believe having the experience (good and bad) of the service I am carrying out helps. I like to feel that I am different to most hair extension specialists because I have gone through what my clients are going through.

What was your greatest achievement? 

My greatest achievement was winning a top award in 2019 at the London Hair and Beauty Awards. It was the second award ceremony I had ever attended (after missing out on the first award) and the first time I was away for the night after having my baby boy. I was so convinced that I wouldn't win I sat on my phone when the winner was due to be announced! For a mobile hairdresser to be up against the top salons and hair professionals in London and win has to be an achievement in itself!