Knitted shoes seen at fashion week runway shows

Comfort has always been the primary consideration when it comes to shoes. Hence knitting elements are widely used in footwear to give solace to our tired feet.

Knitted shoes and boots are designed with soft, stretchy, and elastic-like materials combined with other fabrics like leather, which helps to hug our feet to give that comforting feeling. Overall, the product looks trendy, luxurious and the practicability is increased at the same time.

Fendi SS17 Rockoko

The use of knitted materials perfectly fits the ankle and leg lines of a woman, which elevates the charm of femininity. Additionally, they are great with ventilation and absorbs moisture easily. A fully knitted pair of shoes have various patterns to create a rich texture effect or combine with the jacquard process of knitting to give a rich colour graphic effect.

Prada SS19

With the changing trends of the times, these stretchy knitted footwears have been a huge trend among the youngsters, and with their lightweight sporty style and unbeatable comfort, we can see why! Major fashion brands such as Prada, Balenciaga, The North Face and Adidas Yeezy are combining sports elements with knitting to bring the advantages into full play. Just look at them, they provide sock-like comfort and maintain a trendy yet athletic look.

Balenciaga Fall20


The North Face x HYKE SS19

And the best thing about them is they are very easy to clean. Simply soak a piece of cloth in soapy cold water. Fully rinse out the cloth and gently dab on the shoes to remove any stain and leave them to air dry. You can stuff some newspaper if you want.

Irene from The Accessory Circle