Curly Mane and Co

london, united kingdom

XXL, XL and Mini Candy Pink Velvet Touch Satin Scrunchie


A gorgeous handmade satin with a velvet feel scrunchie, this fabric is soft and smooth with a silky sheen to it, providing excellent hold to your hairstyle. 

Perfect for any outfit all year round

Sizes available in this design: XXL, XL and Mini

  • Wraps approx. x2/3 
  • Elastic diameter 6"/8"
  • All sizes are approx
  • 100% Polyester
  • Handmade


Scrunchie sizes

Please bear in mind that photos may be slightly different from the actual product in terms of colours due to the lighting during the photoshoot.

We have made every effort to display accurate colours of our products that appears on our site.

  • Curly mane and Co is a unique brand that prides itself on producing cosmetic products with ingredients that are sustainable, eco-friendly, naturally plant base and most importantly without added water.

    Without the added water content our products are more potent and concentrated in its effects, giving you a more powerful saturated product for your hair, face and body.

    Our products are handmade, Water-free, Eco- friendly and Natural plant base. 

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